About us

When you look at the Klitschko Bridge, do you think about who really built this bridge? Klitschko gave money taken from the budget. But money won’t mix cement and won’t lay bricks. Klitschko has long been in the encyclopedia. But what about the architect and construction workers who actually built this wonderful bridge? It is this injustice that our encyclopedia is designed to eliminate. You can add a person of absolutely any profession, financial status, religious and political views to the 'Chronicles of Names'. We are firmly convinced that a miner or metallurgist made no less a contribution to the development of our civilization than a deputy or president. And, honestly, it’s bigger. Add yourself, your friend, relative or ancestor to our resource and leave a memory of yourself for posterity. How is our resource different from Facebook itself? We don’t have photographs, for example. The fact that Facebook is closed for indexing by search engines, unlike our site. This means that after the death of this site, there will be no data about you left in Google Cache and Web Archieve. Again, unlike our site. This is the first. And secondly, a social network is not an encyclopedia. It has a different purpose and a different form. 'Chronicles of Names' is a great way to leave a lasting mark on the history of our civilization.

The nuances of our work:

1. Publishing one person on the site costs 1 USD. Further moderation of the published person is free.

2. Advertising a published person costs 10 USD per 1000 unique clicks.

3. It is possible to publish advertising blocks in an unlimited number on behalf of a person (displayed in the footer of the site). Advertising one such block costs 20 USD per 1000 unique clicks or 2 cents per click, which is several times less than any competitor, including Google, Yandex or any other search engine.

4. If the site administration refuses to publish any information on the site, all money for publication is returned to the client’s account.

5. We have an affiliate referral system. Refer a friend or acquaintance and receive 50 percent of all his deposits. By bringing a few friends, you can advertise yourself and your business with us completely free of charge using the money from your referrals. Referral link is on the main page below.


1. Is this a pyramid?

We have an affiliate program. Any affiliate program is partly a pyramid. But unlike the classic pyramid, which operates exclusively with money, we sell clients a real product - the opportunity to get into the encyclopedia and advertising tools for self-promotion and advertising your business/hobby/craft. Do not use our affiliate program, make publications at your own expense - and you will not be part of the pyramid. The fact is that many start-up businesses start with partnerships; it’s simply easier to attract a client, and it doesn’t violate any laws. In addition, we do not have payments on our website. This suggests that we do not promise “mountains of gold” to our clients; we only sell services: a place in the encyclopedia and advertising tools. And we reserve the right to choose a mechanism for attracting new clients.

2. How long will your website last?

In truth, no one knows this. There are businesses that have lived for centuries, and there are fly-by-night businesses that fail. If we compare our site, say, with Google, then both we and Google have advantages. The advantage of Google is obvious - a huge financial resource and worldwide popularity. The downside of Google is its complex technological structure, which will become more and more difficult to maintain over time. Google has a million servers alone. And in order to administer them, you need not only money, but also huge human resources. The human factor is the weak side of this project. The website chronicles.name, on the contrary, is very simple in architecture and “lives” on just one server. Technological simplicity is our advantage over Google. And popularity depends only on the interest of our clients, that is, you. It is the matter of time.