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When you look at the Klitschko Bridge in Kyiv, do you wonder who actually built this bridge? Klitschko gave the money he took from the budget. But money will not mix cement and bricks will not be laid. Klitschko has long been in the encyclopedia. But what about the architect and construction workers who actually built this wonderful bridge? It is precisely this injustice that our encyclopedia is intended to eliminate. In the 'Chronicles of Names' you can add a person of absolutely any profession, financial status, religious and political views. We are firmly convinced that a miner or a metallurgist has made no less contribution to the development of our civilization than a deputy or a president. And, hand on heart, then more. Add yourself, your friend, relative or ancestor to our resource for free, and civilization and descendants will remember what a great plumber you are for many centuries and millennia. How is our resource different from the same Facebook? We don't have photos, for example. The fact that Facebook belongs to an oligarch was created at the initiative of the US government to spy on people and leaks all your personal data and correspondence in the Messenger to the special services of this country. Just like WhatsApp with Viber, mobile phone and any other method of communication. This is the first. Facebook is closed for indexing by search engines, unlike our site. This means that after the death of this site, there will be no data about you in Google Cache and Web Archive. Again, unlike our site. This is the second. And thirdly, a social network is not an encyclopedia. It has a different purpose and a different form. 'Chronicles of Names' is a great way to get into the host of the gods and become the greatest of the greatest.